Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Manic Panic Collection

This post brought to you by Manic Panic Collection. All opinions are 100% mine.

In case you didn't know already, Manic Panic offers an edgy makeup and nail polish collection. Although primarily focused to punk / goth / rock crowds I think Manic Panic could be useful for any makeup or nail polish diva. I used to use manic panic crazy hair colors in my teens. The line has always been bold and out there. I wasn't "goth" by any stretch, just a bit of a free spirit. I think I gave my mom a few heart attacks. Teehee



They only offer 4 nail colors, but a few are quite interesting (and only $4) including a purple glitter called Blood Thirsty! Other polishes include Heavy Metal, a black with glitter and Hellfire, which is red with black glitter. I could have a lot of fun with these polishes, I wonder if they apply well? Has anyone tried them?

They have great kits with directions for very bold looks which could be used for any situation where you'd need an extremely dramatic look. When ordering online from the Creature of The Night collection you can get a free mascara with your order with coupon code : mascara 

So if you're feeling a bit daring today, you might want to check out manicpaniccollection.com

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Valentines day nail art

So I had a few (literally) minutes to play around some more with my Naokomi/Mash
set. So I did a Valentines day design. It included cute little hearts. Awww.

valentines day 2011,nail lacquer

I used Nakomi m78, which is an exact dupe of Konad m78
. The quality of the plate is superb, although some of my stamping was funky. This was due to using red konad polish and a red stamper. I couldn't tell if the image was perfect when picking it up. Usually, I check the stamper first, and if its not up to par I start over. Red on red was not a good idea.

nail art for valentines

For the base polish I used OPI Birthday Babe
(anniversary collection 2006), which really, I don't see much of a difference from Kyoto Pearl. If you already own one, I wouldn't go out of the way to purchase the other.

nail designs,konad,nail art,nail stamping,heart nail,valentines day

interestingly enough, the whole nail design was almost too big for most of my nails. Unlike some of the other knock off brands. I really enjoy this pattern and hope to sport it for the next week.

What are you doing for Valentines?

Friday, February 4, 2011

MASH Set update

I've been soo zonked the last few weeks and I'm sorry.

I did get a reply from the MASH set seller "Source Discounts" they assured me they're trying their hardest to get more inventory and should be back in stock in the next few weeks! YAY!

I'm hoping to purchase a set (or three... or four) for gifts.
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