Friday, December 24, 2010

Winter nail design for New Years

What a crazy week. My internet has been acting funny, I think its the wireless base and not actually the cable - hence the delay in posting. I had prepared the posts but could not get online to post.

For the next few days I'll be with family and friends celebrating Christmas (we have several gatherings to go to). Then even more on New Years, add on the fact that my nieces birthday is Jan 1. So I wanted to post the design I'll be sporting on new years.

snowflake nails,opi,konad nail art, GCOCL m10

The base I did with OPI Ski Teal We Drop
, which I reviewed in an earlier post. It's a lovely navy (however, in some light it looks forest green). I do like the shade, mostly. I'd like it more if it never appears forest green.

new years nail design,opi swiss,konad stamp

For the Snowflakes, I used GCOCL plates, which are like the cheaper version of Konad nail art plates. The plate I used was m10. The paint used was Konad Sky Pearl
which is a mid-light blue with shimmer. The shimmer is not usually visible after stamping, but the color is lovely.
If you haven't tried nail art stamps before, I highly recommend it. The expense adds up buying plates, but they last forever and you can reuse them indefinitely.

winter nail art,opi,ski teal we drop,konad

I tried not to center the large snowflakes so I could add partials to the sides to make it look more like falling snow. I love how the look came out. It's probably one of my favorite nail stamping designs.

Monday, December 20, 2010

Holiday Pedicure

In my in laws houses there is a *VERY* strict no shoes rule. So the holidays require me to have my toes nicely done.

I just rubbed heavy lotion on before the pictures, so it shows up in a few of the images.

water decal,nail art,nail design,christmas nails

I started with silver nail polish. I used Wet N Wild precious metals(Lilac Available on Amazon
). Then I used water decals on the big toes for the flowers. I could've painted flowers on, but I was in a rush. I really don't like water decals too much, working with them is a pain. I think I work with them improperly.

water decal,nail art,nail design,christmas nails

After I finished the rest of the toes with little red foil strips in a pattern so it almost looked weaved in. I wish I hadn't run out of time to apply top coat as some weren't sealed down. However, it still looks really good.

nail foil, nail art, nail design, holiday pedicure, christmas nail art

Probably one of the only videos I'll include for a bit. My Holiday wishes from my family to yours.

North Point iBand - Feliz Navidad (instruments are iPhones, iTouch, and iPad)

Thursday, December 16, 2010

Fun nail art

What a week it has been. First, my iPhone "breaks" into an infinite boot loop. I only use linux, so I had to hoof it to my sisters to use her computer to restore it. Since I had no backup I lost everything.

Add to that, more christmas shopping. AND I prepared my post and found out 2 images I saved somehow became unusable(or unreadable). Bummer.

I did however get 2 great images of my funky nail art. I was going for an almost japanese look of cherry blossom branches and cool tips.

japanese nail art,nail design,opi nail polish

I started with OPI Glamour and Glitz, a fun cool gold color. I then used acrylic white paint and a nail art striping brush to do curvy branches. Then I used a small dotting tool to make what looked like flowers.

japanese nail art,nail designs,opi nail polish

I finished with "Dazzlings" in round from Viva La Nails. The color I used was like a purple, and I don't see it available on their website anymore.

I'm so glad it's finally night time here. Hopefully, I can get a good nights rest. I'm not going to count on it though. Both my daughter and I are coming down with a cold. However, on a bright note, the holidays are here and seeing her so happy (even when she is sick) is so wonderful.

Happy Holidays!

Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Christmas Nail Designs

Woo, Christmas is almost here. Which is actually why I didn't get to post my nails up yesterday. See, my brother from Florida made a surprise visit. So I spent some time with him.

Anywho, to help me get more lifted and into the spirit I went a little wild.

mac,mean & green,christmas,nail designs,nail art

mac,mean & green,christmas,nail designs,nail art

I used MAC Mean and Green as the base, then some sparkle/glitter from VivalaNails. It turned out OK I think. I tried to make trees on my index and ring finger, but they were a bit funky.
I do really like it though, and the green base with pink sparkles from the MAC nail polish works well for the season.

mac,mean & green,christmas,nail designs,nail art

Today we finished MOST of our shopping. We have a few last second gifts to get. "Tweens" are so hard to shop for. They want big gifts, but we can't afford them. So we're trying to be very particular in what we get for them. The rest of the nieces & nephews are young.

mac,mean & green,christmas,nail designs,nail art
Tree Up Close

Wish us luck, and enjoy the holidays! I'm going to go bake cookies with my daughter.

Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Toe Nail Designs

So I realized I left my whole mani kit at my dads last week. Luckily, I had some back photos that helped me get by. I'm going to be picking up the kit on Friday, yay. Basically, it has everything I need (cuticle creams, clippers, polishes, nail art stuff).

One of my back designs I was saving for later was again another toe french. This time, with white tips (oh white polish why do you curse me!) I used OPI Nail Polish Alpine Snow

For the artsy stuff I used nail art items from Viva La Nails which were given to me for review.

nail designs,nail polish blog,french manicure,french pedicure

The cool star sparkles are actually "Dazzlers", and the pictures do it no justice. When they capture the right lighting they shine back beautifully. The only downside is they are thicker than most glitter.
It requires a few good top coats to seal them in so they don't snag off.

nail designs,nail polish blog,french manicure,french pedicure

The bottom flower design is from their white nail stickers collection. They're also thick, and kind of like a foam. A real pain to put topcoat over. I suppose the only good thing is they give a 3D effect, AND theres some silvery sparkly spots on it, so it's not just white. Still, if ordering I'd probably pass.

I promise, new nail stuff up here monday and no toes!

Tuesday, December 7, 2010

French Pedicure

Having some more fun with my items from Viva La Nails items I received. I wanted to share a really simple pedicure design I did but I got a lot of nice feedback on.

I love doing french pedicures, unfortunately, I hate using white nail polish(only because of the issues that come with white nail polish... Not white enough, too sheer, too many coats required). So often, for my toes, I do a color french pedicure.
french pedicure,nail art,naglar,opi,nail polish

I started with OPI Designer series in Exclusive to paint my french tip on. I used a craft brush with acetone to create a smooth smile line (Designer series works great for this application).

After, I applied 1 coat of base coat on and added a few close matching pink pieces of glitter. I think these are actually super glitter? It's hard to tell because nothing was labeled in my review kit and I cannot find rounds on their website besides the dazzlings, which are much larger.
french pedicure,nail art,naglar,opi,nail polish

I finished with a couple layers of top coat (allowing each to dry first.)

Monday, December 6, 2010

O.P.I. nail polish To Eros is Human

Happy Monday!

I got a chance to play around with O.P.I To Eros is human. A discontinued duechrome color. This is a deep pink almost red shimmer color. Very pretty, without being overbearing red.

opi,nail polish,swatch,to eros is human, nail polish blog, pretty nails

The beauty of this color is it looks very warm in some light, but in others very cool. In fact, it's quite noticeable even indoors as you walk into different lighting situations. In my opinion, it's the perfect shade for a different color french tip.

nail polish blog, opi to eros is human

This color may be discontinued, however, it's still readily available through online marketplaces... at a slightly more expensive rate. If you really love this polish then it may be worth it for you.

OPI Swatch

Again, another beautiful Holiday color, without going to deep into "red" nail polish territory. I'm not a giant fan of reds, if you can't tell already.

O.P.I. Nail lacquer

Speaking of the Holidays... What are your plans?

Wednesday, December 1, 2010

OPI Fireflies

Want one word to sum up Fireflies by O.P.I.
from the Holiday 2007 collection? NO.
What was OPI thinking? So the allure of the color is better than the actual polish on. Fireflies are so beautiful, mystical, fun. On nails it just doesn't work.

OPI Fireflies Holiday 2007 nail polish blog

I suppose if you want a sheer no matter how many coats(I did 3) that also looks like you stained your nails then go for it. Hehe. But otherwise, I could only see this color being useful for layering nail polishes.

I'm normally all for weird nail polish colors and I don't like to be negative about many things but like my OPI feet in peach, this is going in the "do not use again" box.

nail polish blog,opi,fireflies,nail polish

What have been your nail polish no no's?
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