Monday, January 31, 2011

Younique Nails offering a special coupon

Younique Nails is offering a special coupon code just for our readers! Enjoy %10 off everything with the code : lauren10

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Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Review of the MASH Nail Art Set

I never got a chance to thank my followers. We recently reached over 250 GFC followers!! Im so excited, and so thankful. Recently we've been getting a lot more visitors, and I'm hoping the trend continues. I've been lacking any free time to setup a give-away. I hope that changes soon so I can give back to all you who have supported me.

I promised a review of the Amazon MASH Set. They shipped very very quickly.

Nakomi Set,Nail art
Picture of the whole Set

At first glance, the brand is not MASH but Nakomi. I've done some searching and they do not match up with "Nakomi Beauty" set, which has square plates. I cannot find any more information on them. Bummer, considering Amazon is now sold out of this set. The plates are the same shape and size of Konad plates. They have a blue film protective cover and no paper backing. Otherwise they seem to be exactdupes of Konad excluding 5 of the plates m50, m52, m48, m47, m46.

I went through the whole set, looking for defects and I did find a couple. Really, this only affected 3 images out of the entire set. They were as follows : the "I Y" Design on m46. Another that looks like a branch thats missing an image on m50?, and the last one which corresponds to Konad plate m72 - The whole nail LOVEYOU Pattern - The loveyou is placed wrong over the background pattern. It is the only Konad duped plate that has an issue, that I've noticed, and only with that one image.

Weird nail art image plate

Nails Design,Konad,Nakomi,image plate

Quality wise, they are of superior quality to GCOCL plates found on ebay. Side by side with the exact Konad plate makes it almost impossible to see the difference. I believe these Nakomi plates are probably laser cut like Konad as the designs are precise and exact. Tiny - miniscule - maybe even purposeful design changes within the patterns may be the only hint along with the fact the plates do not say "Konad".

The only other major difference is there is no paper backing. This could lead to cuts with careless handling, so either back your plates with protective film or be careful. Definitely do NOT stack metal backed plates on top of each other!

Konad,nail art designs for beginners,Nakomi,Nail stamping plate
GCOCL Plate VS Nakomi>

When I purchased my GCOCL plates from Ebay I was sorely disappointed with image quality. I told myself I wouldn't waste my money again and stick with Konad. Im glad I decided not to listen to myself and jumped on the MASH set, it's perfect. The little details make a HUGE difference.

GCOCL,Nail art plate,Nakomi,Konad

Above you can see the stamping results, these are all examples of MASH/Nakomi Set and NOT Konad. You cannot tell me that anyone would be able to discern the fact I spent a little over 50 cents plate(shipped) and not $7-8+ shipped.

Nail Designs,opi,easy nail art

The plates I received: m20-22, m25-m28, m44-m48, m50-m52, m58-57, m60-m64, m72-73, m78, m80
This included a smorgasboard of designs, with 5 different french plates. Each plate was different. Just to put in all in perspective:

If I had purchased Konad brand I would've paid about $150 for 25 plates. My total for the MASH set was $14.15 shipped.

Konad,nail gallery,nail art

Now don't get me wrong. I love Konad. I love the extras - the paper backing especially. The guarantee of quality with every plate. I don't love the fact that Konad has not only cornered the market - but also has asked all retailers to NOT allow coupon use. That sort of bugs me. Will I still purchase Konad? Definitely.
I do see the MASH set as the BEST alternative or addition to my current collection. If the seller ever has more sets in stock I plan on purchasing more for gifts for friends and family.

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

New nail stamping kits available

For those of you in love with Konad-like nail art stamping I wanted to inform you there are new kits available on Amazon!

Plus, today only, Living Social deal of the day is $20 Amazon Gift certificate for $10

First up is the "Shany" kit. It is essentially the same as the Bundle Monster thats been available on Amazon also. However, it is 25 pcs vs 21 and cheaper. $14.95 + free 2 day shipping if order is over $20 (or you have Prime?)

SHANY Nail Art Nailart Polish Stamp Stamping Manicure Image Plates Accessories Set Kit

Second is the MASH Kit. Which is the one I ordered. It is 25 pieces at $9.99. I ordered this one today and it worked out to $14.15 with shipping. What a good deal! The images look more like Konad like plates - so probably GCOCL's or another Chinese knock-off. I haven't much liked some of the detailing on my last purchase of knock off plates. Yet, I couldn't pass up on a good deal. Especially since last time I was only disappointed in a few images. I will update on here if I liked the kit and which plates I actually received.

MASH Set of 25 Nail Art Nailart Polish Stamp Stamping Manicure Image Plates Accessories Set Kit

If you don't already have a stamper/scraper you'll need one. At the very least a stamper (an old gift card works just as well, if not better).

Monday, January 17, 2011

Water Based Nail Polish!

This post is going to be very picture heavy as I'm totally in love with this polish. I was recently approached by Younique Nails and asked if I'd do a review of the products they carry. I have worked with water based nail art, but not actual nail polish. This made me very excited as I've been dieing to try a good water based nail polish. Younique Nails is now offering our readers a coupon for %10 off : lauren10

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They sent me a great Christmas card with my samples! Aw!

The polish line they sell is called AQmore which is made of %50 water and has no formaldehyde, toluene, or acetone. The nifty thing, is if you make a mistake you can just wipe it off with a wet cotton ball.
I sat down to prepare for a long learning session... But, I made no mistakes. Not because I'm just "that" skilled, but because the polish applied VERY easily. Like butter! In my opinion, application felt no different then a lacquer based polish. It even looks just as good when finished. I was pleasantly surprised.
no chemical cosmetics,nails designs,aqmore nail polish

Straight from Younique Nails "AQmore meets international SGS and FDA testing, dermatologists recommend AQmore as it is made of natural ingredients, contains no organic solvents, which will not to hurt your skin and nails."

The colors I picked were AQmore Mediterranean and Bloom Green Top coat. Interestingly enough the top coat I chose has a freshly cut green flower inside. I asked Younique Nails about this and they said it's a real (once living, you know, before it was cut) flower so you can see that their polish does no harm to the flower. I think it looks really nice in the bottle, and they have a good selection of different colored flowers. You can also purchase plain top coats or sparkle top coats.
nails designs,nail design,flower in nail polish, bloom green top coat

Anywho, onto the actual polish. Mediterranean is a beautiful mint green color. In one to two coats it's beautifully sheer. I used 4 coats for full coverage. Each layer dries very fast (under one minute) so it wasn't anything like waiting for a lacquer based polish to dry. After applying the color, and allowing it to dry you HAVE to use the sealing top coat.
green nail polish,nails,nail polish,water based

Water based nail polish,natural nail polish,aqmore,younique nails

I took a super hot bath after I painted my nails, and I will say thing - be sure to cap all free edges of the nail. The parts fully covered had no problem, however, I forgot to cap a few nails and the free edge paint began to lift. Removing it after on those nails was alot of fun though. Once the water begins the lift you can peel it off (safely) like a face mask.

All in all, even though its different, I do really like this product line. My one (and only) concern is the site states "Every single cosmetic has its suitable time of use, and the best time of use for AQmore within 7-14 days." although it also states the shelf life is 1-2 years. That is a bit confusing? I know most water based polishes can be revived with a bit of water.

Right now all prices at Younique Nails are %10 off. The usual price is $13.90 USD per bottle, which is a high price when compared to lacquer based polishes. However, if you're looking for a safer alternative then I believe it is worth the extra money. I hope to purchase more of the colors available soon for my daughter and myself.

What do you think? Would you try a water based nail polish?

I was given the product by the good people of to try for free. All opinions are honest and are in my own words (except where I quoted the Younique Nails Website)

Thursday, January 13, 2011

Spring Nail Design

So I know spring seems so far away right now. Especially after us here in the north-east received a winter gift of 2 ft. of snow. I need warmth! I need spring! So I jazzed up my nails with some color.

For the base I used Opi La Paz-itively Hot Nail
. It's a lovely almost hot pink with some purple shimmer in it. Although way over the top for conservative settings it's still very beautiful.

la pazitively hot,spring 2011

I then used Nail Art Club Green
(with a long tip, specifically for nail art, the link is for the whole set) for the green leaves. Designs like these are the easiest to do. Gather polish only at the tip and work in one smooth quick motion. Practice makes perfect. Even I make mistakes (you can see them) if I slow down. Work quickly.

nail designs,nail lacquer,opi

To add a tiny bit extra I used adotting tool
to add some sparkley silver nail polish. I hate using dotters with actual nail polish. In my opinion, they work best with watered down acrylic paints. Some ladies are awesome with them though. Kudos if you are!

spring nail design,opi,la paz-itively hot,nail polish

So my nails won't actually make the temperature warmer outside and melt the huge piles of snow. However, they certainly make me feel warmer and put a smile on my face.

Friday, January 7, 2011

OPI Swatch Royal Rajah Ruby

Painting my nails this week hasn't been easy. So I'm doing the best I can for the time being. The house has been filled with family. It's been great spending time with everyone, but I'm already feeling like I need some me time. I bet you ladies know how I feel!

Anywho, I did play around with a beautiful color today. I'm not a fan of red-reds but OPI Royal Rajah Ruby
is a VERY deep shimmer red. It's gorgeous in all lighting.
opi swatch,nail lacquer,red lacquer

Royal Rajah Ruby is from the India collection from Spring/Summer '08. It's still readily available online and through Amazon. It's great for the winter being such a velvety deep color.

opi,nail polish,swatch,royal rajah ruby

In Darker light it almost looks brown-black. In very well lit situations it looks very shimmery ruby red.

opi nail lacquer,opi,red nail polish

Monday, January 3, 2011

MAC Nail Design

Now that the new year has rolled in, its time to start thinking of spring. At least, thats my reasoning! It has been warm here, even after the huge snowstorm. I hope it stays warm.

Today I did a new design for my nails. I used M.A.C. Bad Fairy for the base. I'm still so in love with the color. The pink works so well with the orange glow that shines in the light.

mac nail lacquer,nail art,nail stamp

For the design I used GCOCL plate m76 which looks like branches with leaves. I used Konad Black
special polish. It actually looked amazing alone over Bad Fairy.

mac bad fairy,nail designs

To finish, I used teardrop shaped teal sparkles from Viva la Nails. I covered a few of the leaf designs on the nail stamp. I think it worked out really nicely. Unfortunately, the sparkles are big, and my nails are quite curved. So they flaked off pretty fast.

All in all, I'd definitely do this design again sometime soon, even with the sparkles. Next time I'll pay better attention to placement.
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