Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Free Nail Polish or other goodies, your choice.

We all like free stuff. However, free nail polish is insanely hard to come by. Usually, companies never send out samples, or testers. You have to fork over the moola to decide if you love (or hate) it.

There's a new website called Copious. A bit of a mix of etsy, and maybe ebay. But without the auction style. Everything is available from handmade goods to designer purses . I saw a hot pair of new Fendi pumps up for a very good price.

NOTE: I believe to qualify for the free $10 you have to join with facebook or twitter and it must be your first time joining copious.

Since it's a new site, they're offering a $10 credit for new users. Which can easily snag you a bottle of Julep or other nail polish free with free shipping. Nail polishes go lightning fast, so if you find one available that you love, grab it. The best part of the site, once you click "buy" the item is held for you for 15 minutes , so no one can snag it from under you.

Better yet? The payment company used holds your payment in neutral escrow until the item has been shipped and in your possession for 2 full days. So unlike other websites, you don't have to worry about being sent junk.

So check out Copious and sign up before the $10 credit is gone. I've already used my credit, so I know the site works.

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