Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Proactiv Test

I recently tried out Proactiv again thanks to being a part of Influenster VoxBox. My acne isnt bad anymore but I thought I'd give it a whirl.
This stuff works seriously well for some of my friends and family. They truly rely on the ease of use, ease of purchasing, and overall results. If you have never heard about it, well... What rock are you living under? Proactiv is sold as a 30-day, 3-step system for $19.95 There are also other goodies than can be purchased to add to the system. I personally have found it lasts longer than advertised.

However, I have incredibly sensitive skin. The product line-up together is way too much. Separately I love it. The toner is my favorite. It's quite gentle and smells ok. It dries well to a nice finish leaving my skin neither too moisturized nor to dry. Perfect for right out of the shower.
The wash would be great for those who need to exfoliate quite a bit, but its too harsh for me. I can never use anything with any texture on my face so it was not surprising. Over exfoliating for me means hurting puffy red skin & more acne.
One thing I've learned through years of trying is what works best for me is benzoyl peroxide for mild-moderate acne. It's gentle, exfoliating, and kills bacteria. Anyone who uses Proactive (or any acne product) with benzoyl peroxide should realize it can & will bleach towels, hair, pillowcases etc. So be careful. I ruined some nice towels.
I have decided to pass the kit onto my fiance, who at nearly 30 still has mild blackheads. Proactiv helps his skin A LOT. I mean, the difference can be pretty amazing after a while. It is something he will continue to purchase.

Thank you to Influenster VoxBox & Proactiv
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