Thursday, April 7, 2011

Summer fashion is upon us

I have yet to pull together my spring/summer wardrobe. A lot has been packed away, illusively hiding somewhere in my other closet. Some of it is old, outdated, and needs updating. This summer, I'm hoping to ramp things up with some little extras.

Usually I wear plain flip flops most of the summer (with my toes nicely manicured, of course). No one really notices my super casual look, or at least, they don't comment. This summer I want to get some embellished flip flops/sandals. I think the ones offered by Michael Kors are perfect!

Since beginning to wear contacts again I've also been sunglasses crazy. I bought a few really nice pairs last year, but have since lost them. I don't know how it is possible to lose so many pairs, but I suppose it happens. Cole Haan makes a pair of really cute sunglasses that I'm gaga over.

There will be fancier events this summer. Probably quite a few considering how large my family is. I will wear heels if absolutely necessary. However, I would rather put on a pair of comfy yet pretty flats. Especially for something like a wedding, where I will be dancing the night away! Stuart Weitzman offers very cute pink flats that would work well with most of my fave dresses.

What are some of the items you'll be splurging on for the summer?

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