Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Girl in Heel-ys

So much has been going on. I also got this snazzy new laptop so I could work on the blog again (my old linux was crashing anytime chrome or firefox sneezed). Then, when I received the new lappy, chrome wouldn't load blogger. To boot, the fiance and I were house hunting for our first place. I mean, if you've done it before, you know it's stressful up to your ears.

So at one point, I was asked to try out Heelys and blog about it. I was super excited, because one, I never knew Heely made a shoe for adults. Two, I needed some goofy fun to decompress. Here is my in depth.

I surely must have forgotten my childhood. I'm 27 now, and while I still feel like a fun teen most of the time... Something always comes a long that makes me realize I am far from being 15. That was knocked back into me within 5min after receiving the delivery. I tied them up and began trying to skate around the house. As I fell, I had a flashback of my first (and last) skateboard accident where I split the back of my skull open. I was a bit scared at that point to continue. I'm certainly no ballerina, and I could only dream of having the balance of a gymnast. I really should've started with the Hx2 version, which has training wheels that can be removed. I also should have worn a helmet and pads!

There are other accessories you can add, like the Nano. It's like a mini one footed skateboard that attaches to your front sneaker. Given my skateboard fears, I think I'll avoid that.

I watched the videos available showing me How to Skate. I appreciated that, because otherwise I really would've given up before I started.

I did however pick the Slide, in the above picture. Which has a bottom grind plate - in case I ever get super adventurous and decide to slide down a railing. I probably won't, but I thought this pair looked the most like a sneaker I'd actually wear. The inside is VERY comfortable. It feels like walking on clouds. The actual shoe, without wheels, is no heavier than I remember my Van's being when I was a teen. In fact, I'm sure they're lighter even with the wheel. I do wear a woman's 10 AAA narrow, so they were a bit wide, but I'm quite used to that. The construction overall is of quality, this shoe won't fall apart on you. Considering the price point, it's within line of most teen fashion sneakers at $30 US on sale, up to about $65 US.

If you're like me and determined you'll soon see, Heelys are quite easy to master, you have a lot more control then you would with roller blades or skateboards. It's a LOT of fun to roll then walk then roll. All I carry in my pocket is the key and bottoms if I want to remove the wheels. It's a little bit of fun exercise while you walk. It also gave me more of an incentive to walk places, which is a bonus. I found out I have a few friends who bought Heelys just so they could "Heely" (yes this is the correct term) with their children. Which I think is a great way to bond. Unfortunately, my daughter is still too young. I do plan on buying her a pair when she's a bit older. Right now she is already begging me for a pair of her own.

Fashion wise, I'll be honest(since this IS a fashion blog). Most of their styles aren't the best looking. Bordering on the weird, or more subtle, but still "Yes, I'm wearing teenage boys shoes" is about as stylish as it gets. For a casual jeans and T day with the family they are fine. I wouldn't expect to win any awards wearing them though. The fun to be had while wearing them cannot be beat regardless of the fashion statement. So slip on a pair and come roll with me!

Check out Heelys on Facebook Or Twitter @HeelysWorldwide

I want to thank B2B and Heelys for the opportunity to try out their amazing product. All opinions are my own and are an honest review.

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