Thursday, December 8, 2011

$5 Free from Clover - The easiest way to send money

I'm in love with my iphone. No really. And I'm not a fangirl, I like androids too, and dont get into the whole iphone vs android battle. Each has their pro's and con's.
Well theres a great new way to send money through your iphone OR android called Clover. You just pick a contact and send! It's super easy to receive money also. This is great just in time for X-mas because I can easily send (or receive funds) for gifts to family and friends. Especially ones that I'm at a loss as to what to send them. This leaves more time for beautification -WEE.

Check out Clover and get $5


  1. I personally had great results from send money through my iphone and after using this great service I would say that it’s the right time to run faster than our ancestor.

  2. I find sending money with my iphone very convenient..even when sharing restaurant bills with friends, pooling money for a gift etc.


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