Thursday, January 12, 2012

Lip Gloss Love: Review of NYC Liquid Lipshine

I'm a lip balm type of girl. I just want something that feels good, maybe a slight tint of color. I tried out NYC New York Color Liquid Lipshine, and here are the details below.

So it's quite glossy, which is very pretty. Comparing to lipsticks or balms it is a bit stickier (one reason I usually don't wear glosses). It wasn't too bad, but my hair stuck to my lips a couple times. The taste, I personally could do without. I really don't like the taste of cocoa butter, or chocolate hints in it. I love(to eat real) chocolate. I'll pass in my make-up smelling/tasting like it though. If you like flavors like that, then this is definitely for you.

The color was pretty awesome, I tried Nude York City. What a great name! It worked wonderfully with my new red hair. Some of the natural pink of my lips showed through but it toned down my lip color enough to do very daring eye shadow! That was nice for a night. I find myself digging for my chapstick still in my purse, and if I can't find it I'm willing to swipe on the easy-to-apply lip shine. Otherwise, I don't use it much. For me, personally, it won't be a staple.

NYC New York Color Retails for $2.50 ish. I sometimes see it on sale much cheaper. The small price is sometimes makes it worth trying if nothing else.

Thanks to Influenster and NYC New York Color for letting me try the lipshine. My opinions are honest & remain mine.


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