Friday, October 5, 2012

Glass Nail Files : the skinny

Trust me. I get it. You want to file your nails, and you're used to cheap nail files. Then someone comes along and tells you how amazing glass nail files are. So you begin searching and find out there are super inexpensive ones, and then very inexpensive ones. For a moment you think, well I can get the cheaper ones!


Trust me. I've been there, done that, have the T-shirt. I bought several very inexpensive glass nail files. Guess what?
Most broke in my hands, others shredded my nails. They were also a bit ugly at the top, with no real ryhme or reason to their design.
So when I was asked to do a post about quality nail files by by Mont Bleu , I jumped. Quite frankly, more people need to know that sometimes(usually), you get what you pay for. also makes beautiful pumice-like stones for rubbing calluses.

I have tried higher quality ones, and was quite happy. Through this wonderful site you can also get really beautiful, quality Swarovski Crystal nail files.

So consider not only the polish you paint on your nails, the lotions and creams you apply. Remember nail health comes down to diet, and proper preparations with good, quality tools.

Specifically is well designed, with a beautiful selection to chose from. They carry much of the hardware needed for beauty needs. Many have options for crystals on the hardware, which I love. Prices are reasonable, however they are in Euro's, not US dollars, and ships directly from Czech Republic. Disclaimer: This post was sponsored by All thoughts, opinions, etc are still honest and my own.


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