Monday, October 15, 2012

Gift Idea - Glassybaby Evelyn Candle & Cup

Glassybaby teamed up with Nordstrom specifically for the Evelyn Glassybaby (pictured in pink) for Breast Cancer Awareness Month. The pink votive was created honor of Evelyn Lauder whom passed in November. Along with an initial donation of $25,000 - Ten percent(%10) of all sales of the Evelyn will go to Breast Cancer Research Foundation.

Glassybaby candles and cups are not only beautiful, they provide support and purpose beyond. Glassybaby, created & founded by Lee Rhodes, provided her with the idea after she found a source of comfort from tea lights during her 7 year battle with Lung Cancer. The company has donated over $1,000,000 USD to charity since November 2003.

Each Glassybaby is hand blown and is the combined work of four Seattle Artisans. It can be utilized as a tea light holder, a cup, or a vase. The exquisite beauty is unsurpassed with little bubbles floating about within it. They are stury, and thick unlike most candle holders.

The Evelyn Glassybaby is available exclusively at Cosmetics department inside Nordstrom or online at They are a lovely addition to any home, as a gift for a loved one, or to give to someone suffering from Cancer as a source of hope and inner emotional warmth.

I was sent a sample of the Evelyn Candle Holder to provide input and images for my blog. This does not affect my opinion or review of the item.


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