Friday, December 14, 2012

ULINX : Attract attention with magnets!

Looking for something fun & different as a gift? I was, and I happened upon beautiful ULINX jewelry. They offer many classy, intricate designs for customization but also symbols. I was asked if I'd like to review this, and I felt it a worthy product to talk about with my readers.
The collection I went for was the symbols collection. The designs offered in the new symbols collection are very cute, however, I wanted to touch base on some problems I found. I expected a lot more from something that costs in the neighborhood of $80 as far as quality control. The First plus side is the magnets are extremely strong, you will not accidently rip this bracelet off. Maybe it you wore several together as a belt, but it would still be hard to do. Even if the link broke, it tends to pull right back together with its very strong magnets. To the side is an image of it hanging from a photo frame.
You can change the order and design of the charms to even make a ring (or many other possibilities like the ring I made! Purchase extra beads would be a suggestion so you can really play with designs. This has been a lot of fun to mess around with and I've had a lot of compliments while wearing it. However, for the downside. In the below image around the heart you can see what looks like a circular paint crack. This is actually quite a bit more obvious in real life and was shipped to me this way.
This was not the only tile with an issue. Several had chipped sides, poor quality images, not centered images, or scratches. In fact I could point out a flaw on EVERY tile the moment I opened the case. For this reason alone, I would suggest either purchasing from the other collections rather than symbols collection. I'm guessing because the symbols collection is new they're having some QC issues.
All in all, they are cute braclets with a novel idea that still need some work with quality control and detailing.

If interested check out ULINX

Disclaimer: Do remember, if purchasing this you should NOT purchase it for a child. Rare earth, and other strong magnets can be very dangerous (even deadly) to a child that swallows them.
I received this from ULINX to test and review. This does not influence my review. My opinions and thoughts are solely my own.

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