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Review of the MASH Nail Art Set

I never got a chance to thank my followers. We recently reached over 250 GFC followers!! Im so excited, and so thankful. Recently we've been getting a lot more visitors, and I'm hoping the trend continues. I've been lacking any free time to setup a give-away. I hope that changes soon so I can give back to all you who have supported me.

I promised a review of the Amazon MASH Set. They shipped very very quickly.

Nakomi Set,Nail art
Picture of the whole Set

At first glance, the brand is not MASH but Nakomi. I've done some searching and they do not match up with "Nakomi Beauty" set, which has square plates. I cannot find any more information on them. Bummer, considering Amazon is now sold out of this set. The plates are the same shape and size of Konad plates. They have a blue film protective cover and no paper backing. Otherwise they seem to be exactdupes of Konad excluding 5 of the plates m50, m52, m48, m47, m46.

I went through the whole set, looking for defects and I did find a couple. Really, this only affected 3 images out of the entire set. They were as follows : the "I Y" Design on m46. Another that looks like a branch thats missing an image on m50?, and the last one which corresponds to Konad plate m72 - The whole nail LOVEYOU Pattern - The loveyou is placed wrong over the background pattern. It is the only Konad duped plate that has an issue, that I've noticed, and only with that one image.

Weird nail art image plate

Nails Design,Konad,Nakomi,image plate

Quality wise, they are of superior quality to GCOCL plates found on ebay. Side by side with the exact Konad plate makes it almost impossible to see the difference. I believe these Nakomi plates are probably laser cut like Konad as the designs are precise and exact. Tiny - miniscule - maybe even purposeful design changes within the patterns may be the only hint along with the fact the plates do not say "Konad".

The only other major difference is there is no paper backing. This could lead to cuts with careless handling, so either back your plates with protective film or be careful. Definitely do NOT stack metal backed plates on top of each other!

Konad,nail art designs for beginners,Nakomi,Nail stamping plate
GCOCL Plate VS Nakomi>

When I purchased my GCOCL plates from Ebay I was sorely disappointed with image quality. I told myself I wouldn't waste my money again and stick with Konad. Im glad I decided not to listen to myself and jumped on the MASH set, it's perfect. The little details make a HUGE difference.

GCOCL,Nail art plate,Nakomi,Konad

Above you can see the stamping results, these are all examples of MASH/Nakomi Set and NOT Konad. You cannot tell me that anyone would be able to discern the fact I spent a little over 50 cents plate(shipped) and not $7-8+ shipped.

Nail Designs,opi,easy nail art

The plates I received: m20-22, m25-m28, m44-m48, m50-m52, m58-57, m60-m64, m72-73, m78, m80
This included a smorgasboard of designs, with 5 different french plates. Each plate was different. Just to put in all in perspective:

If I had purchased Konad brand I would've paid about $150 for 25 plates. My total for the MASH set was $14.15 shipped.

Konad,nail gallery,nail art

Now don't get me wrong. I love Konad. I love the extras - the paper backing especially. The guarantee of quality with every plate. I don't love the fact that Konad has not only cornered the market - but also has asked all retailers to NOT allow coupon use. That sort of bugs me. Will I still purchase Konad? Definitely.
I do see the MASH set as the BEST alternative or addition to my current collection. If the seller ever has more sets in stock I plan on purchasing more for gifts for friends and family.


  1. I have to get this i love konad but is so expensive thanks for letting us know

  2. Thanks for the review, it's an awesome set and I can't wait to get my hands on them. When you get around to using the plates, will you take pictures of the result? Cause I heard the quality of the stamped image is not as good as konad. Thanks!

  3. I have noticed no difference at all between konad quality vs this sets quality. I will take more pictures.

  4. Thanks for the review!! I hope they get more in stock soon because they are all out again :(

  5. So I have a question for you. I bought Konad when I was in Florida about 5 years ago. To be honest with you, it takes some good practice with this.

    What tips do you have to be able to remove the design (that you messed up) but not the nail polish. I really would like to get back into using this.

  6. Suzan,

    Make sure your manicure is completely dry before stamping. I usually apply 1-2 topcoats before stamping. If you're using the konad special polish you can rub/peel it off pretty easily.

    If using other polishes well.. You can try nail polish remover(a tiny bit on a Q tip) to lightly rub the design off. This method works only once in awhile.

    Neither of the above always work, sometimes I start from scratch again. The first tip works better than the 2nd.

    Getting the feel for konad or other kits takes time, patience, and practice. Some designs cannot be rolled on and should be pressed straight down. Or rolled from tip to cuticle then left to right(without removing stamper).
    I've gotten good at most designs but still cannot master french tip designs at all. I keep trying, but I feel like Im getting nowhere.

    Sometimes the design works out well on the first try, usually it doesn't - at least not on every nail.

  7. Does anyone know when Mash nail art plates will be in stock?

  8. I've contacted the seller. Hopefully they'll respond soon.

  9. Thank you. Is it through source discounts? I emailed them. Perhaps I have the wrong company lol...please let us know when they reply :D..

  10. I was wondering, where can I get this?

  11. Amazon, the links are in the post. The seller is currently out of stock but told me they're trying to get more in.

    I've tried researching to find another source but so far I can't come up with anything else on the Nakomi plates (except for rectangle plates with completely different designs)

  12. I'm wondering if the MASH plates can be secured into a Konad plate holder? I want to buy my first set and can't seem to find any info on this.

  13. What kind of nail polish do you use for this set?

  14. I recently bought a set of 25 image plates from Amazon. They are identical to the Mash plates. When I bought them they were $9.99 +$4.15 for shipping. I noticed they have went up a little in price to $11.99 + $4.15 for shipping which is still a great price for 25 image plates. They even come packaged like the Mash plates, except it looks like maybe the Mash name tag may have been cut off of the top of each package. Anyway the seller is "Everlasting Treasures 4 U" and the web address is
    if you wanna take a look. HTH.

  15. I just purchased the 2012 bundle of amazon, I was excited to use them because I am a beginner stamper. However mine haven't been coming out well, edges are faded or don't come out at all. Any tips or tricks you can recommend or a nail polish that works better than the rest?

  16. I had a tough time when I began stamping, a lot of smudges. Most of it is practice makes perfect.
    Some tips to help: the thinner the polish the faster you have to stamp. It dries very quickly once on the rubber stamp.
    Roll the stamp on, don't press. Some big designs or French tips I press on, then roll left and right as steadily as possible. Either way, rolling is necessary for clean edges.
    Once the design is dry it's best to not press your top coat brush in the design, the brush will smudge the design, especially if you're using a regular polish for your stamp.
    Clean the plate each time after using it. So stamp, wipe plate with acetone, then move onto the next finger. Each time you use a design some gets left behind and can build up causing fuzzy edges.
    Konad and gcocl stamping polishes work best, but once you figure out how to work with other brands then Almost any brand that isn't partially translucent or glitter filled works.

  17. Do you have any experience with these plates that MASH is offering on their site?


  18. Looks like the new Mash set is mostly a dupe of the first Bundle Monster set. Not sure which has better quality, but I do know the BM set had very small full nail patterns, so hopefully they did not copy that as well! (fitting 6 on a plate is not a good sign)

    Also, I know this is a really old post, but I think a few of the things you mentioned from the first set were not actually misprints, they are designs separated into a few parts (so you can use different colors). On the plate with the koala you have a branch he can hang on and leaves for the branch. The I_Y can be layered over the heart (I_U would have been better). I think there is also one with a small flower & next to it there is a ring of outer petals.

    I wish I could get this old Mash set! I'd love a few good Konad dupes but it doesn't look like they sell it anymore.

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