Thursday, January 13, 2011

Spring Nail Design

So I know spring seems so far away right now. Especially after us here in the north-east received a winter gift of 2 ft. of snow. I need warmth! I need spring! So I jazzed up my nails with some color.

For the base I used Opi La Paz-itively Hot Nail
. It's a lovely almost hot pink with some purple shimmer in it. Although way over the top for conservative settings it's still very beautiful.

la pazitively hot,spring 2011

I then used Nail Art Club Green
(with a long tip, specifically for nail art, the link is for the whole set) for the green leaves. Designs like these are the easiest to do. Gather polish only at the tip and work in one smooth quick motion. Practice makes perfect. Even I make mistakes (you can see them) if I slow down. Work quickly.

nail designs,nail lacquer,opi

To add a tiny bit extra I used adotting tool
to add some sparkley silver nail polish. I hate using dotters with actual nail polish. In my opinion, they work best with watered down acrylic paints. Some ladies are awesome with them though. Kudos if you are!

spring nail design,opi,la paz-itively hot,nail polish

So my nails won't actually make the temperature warmer outside and melt the huge piles of snow. However, they certainly make me feel warmer and put a smile on my face.

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