Monday, January 3, 2011

MAC Nail Design

Now that the new year has rolled in, its time to start thinking of spring. At least, thats my reasoning! It has been warm here, even after the huge snowstorm. I hope it stays warm.

Today I did a new design for my nails. I used M.A.C. Bad Fairy for the base. I'm still so in love with the color. The pink works so well with the orange glow that shines in the light.

mac nail lacquer,nail art,nail stamp

For the design I used GCOCL plate m76 which looks like branches with leaves. I used Konad Black
special polish. It actually looked amazing alone over Bad Fairy.

mac bad fairy,nail designs

To finish, I used teardrop shaped teal sparkles from Viva la Nails. I covered a few of the leaf designs on the nail stamp. I think it worked out really nicely. Unfortunately, the sparkles are big, and my nails are quite curved. So they flaked off pretty fast.

All in all, I'd definitely do this design again sometime soon, even with the sparkles. Next time I'll pay better attention to placement.


  1. Gorgeous girly! I wish I was good at this sort of thing, sadly I'm not!


  2. i love these! i follow you on twitter!
    Come visit my blogand leaves a trace! ;)

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