Wednesday, March 23, 2011

A call to arms! Future giveaway!

My daughter is entered in a Facebook contest that relies on "Likes"
I'm asking for your help. Details:

If this goes well I hope to host my own personal giveaway. Items may include full sized luxury moisturizers, nail stamping plates, makeup. Etc

How to: login to Facebook

Go to LEDGroupBuys page

Like the page

Scroll down to the video of the adorable little girl (posted by me: Lauren) and click "Like" next to comment.

That is all! Thank you


  1. Are you having the giveaway to thank your followers or to bribe us into voting for your daughter, lol?

  2. It's to thank everyone. If it was bribery I would have setup the giveaway and made an entry to like the video(which I did not and would not).

    I've done giveaways before, and have never done anything unethical. If you don't want to help- then don't. You can still enter my giveaway when it's live!


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