Sunday, March 27, 2011

More amazon finds for nails!

So while waiting for the MASH kit to be back in stock... Still no word on that. Sorry ladies. I began searching for other new items out there. I love amazon, mostly because I usually have gift cards there from family.

First is the new FASH kits.. Why they have almost the same name as MASH I dont know. They offer both a Starter kitand both a 21 or 25 plate kit
. Some designs will be redundant to my collection, but thats OK.

Next is a little mini kit, although slightly higher per piece. It's offered by VkShop
and has 7 plates total plus a stamper and scraper.

MoYouoffers exact Konad dupes at a slightly easier to swallow price. They sell plates individually, and range from it seems $2.99-$4.99. However, their most interesting item is their Pro Plate 1andPro Plate 2Which are like the Konad Salon case kits, only at $39.99 ea... I Kid you not...

On the higher end of the spectrum, there is at least 1 Konad pro kit A for $100+6.99 shipping being offered by An individual seller. The kit goes for $134 ish on other websites and since Konad doesn't allow coupons much anymore, I think this is a good deal.

For people who like Konad, but can't swing the idea of the total price these are some great options!


  1. The Mash nail plates are back in stock!!!! :)

  2. Aneesa, thanks so much! I checked when writing this up and they were not back in stock. Ive made another post letting everyone know

  3. Your very welcome. Ever since I read your first post about them, I had to have them. You can't beat that price! I've seriously been checking Amazon several times a day to see if they were back in stock lol. Keep up the great work! :)


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