Wednesday, March 2, 2011

French manicure with nail stamp

I had a huge family emergency recently. It tied me up time-wise and emotionally. This is why I haven't posted, I didn't even have the time or energy to even think about doing my nails. Obviously, family comes first. Things have settled.

My daughters birthday party is coming up and I need to sport some nice nails and toes. I finally figured out the french plates and how not to stamp all wonky. I used exact Konad Knock Offs
Konad - M45
with Nakomi m45. Im still waiting to see if these EVER get back in stock. Really ladies, I'm on pins and needles just as much as you all are.

easy french manicure,simple nail design

Figuring out the french plates was a bit harder then other designs. I watched a youtube tutorial that says to angle the design upwards instead of straight. This worked relatively well. Then I began practicing on bare nails (like this design) by going slow with the stamp and following my own curvature in the nail bed. This helped me get the "feel" even better.

french manicure,2011 nails,easy nail art

I later practiced (but did not snap shots) over a fully painted nail. My best advice is to not blindly stamp the french design, watch what you're doing from a side angle. This will allow for perfect curvature every time. If using Konad special polish it is still slightly pliable after application, you can push certain designs up or remove pieces of the design. Over another color polish it is harder but doable.

konad,nakomi,nail stamp art

You can see a few areas I could've cleaned up, but I ran out of time. Although this easy french design has almost become 2nd nature I still am always on a time crunch. I'm hoping to do a french design over my nails for the party. I want to do my toes too, but the french designs are just wide enough for my thumbs and will not fit my big toe. That makes me sad because it's the reason I wanted the french set to begin with! (I love french pedicures!)


  1. I recently bought the bundle monster nail stamping plates on amazon, they are still in stock!

  2. i like your manicure..i have been looking for these mash plates for soo long now and still nothing in stock :('s kind of irritating..i wonder if they will ever get more in stock!!!

  3. a simple adn elegant manicure....i like it

  4. wow! that came out great! konad is such a pain to use sometimes, but with some practice you can get great results. too bad it won't work for your toes though. :-(


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