Monday, July 26, 2010

Bobbi Brown Ruby polish review

Awhile ago I was given a few Bobbi Brown items as a gift. See, Bobbi Brown is actually my twice removed Aunt. Basically, an Aunt-in-law. Does that make her once or twice removed?
She's given my uncle items here and there to pass onto my sister & I. Including her book, make-up, nail polish etc.
That is not going to change my point of view on the actual product (so sorry Bobbi!) because quite frankly, I DON'T like the polish!

Onto the pictures : It was hard to get a good image with proper color. I'd say image one is more true to life then the second.

bobbi brown nail polish

bobbi brown

Honestly, I do LOVE the color, but that is the only thing I do love. The polish can glide on smoothly on one nail but horribly on the next. The small square top is hard to control. The brush is meh as far as quality and I have to clean it before use. It only takes 1-2 coats for full coverage. I find myself starting many nails over and over again to get it right. As you can see in the pictures above my manicure is sloppy, and this wasn't a rush job! I just could NOT get it right. The only redeeming factors here were the color and drying time. It does dry super fast.
This polish chips FAST and regardless of base/top coat brands it just doesn't last for more than 12 hours. Due to my experience with this polish I never did purchase any Bobbi Brown polishes.

I know Ruby is a discontinued color, I'm not sure if the whole polish line was discontinued. If so - Thank you Bobbi! Stick to make-up!

Did you try Bobbi Brown nail polishes? Was your experience as bad as mine?


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