Monday, July 26, 2010

Diamond Woes

On a somewhat beauty related subject... My fiancée purchased me a diamond engagement ring from Helzberg diamonds a couple years ago. It looked a lot like this one. We were confident in our purchase and the company.
Unfortunately they shut down all operations in New England and I couldn't keep up with my warranty. My fiancée travels constantly for work and I don't want to mail it out.

My hopes and dreams of upgrading until reaching a 10 carat diamond ring are crushed! Im hoping even if I bring it in to Long's Jewelers for Helzberg inspection late it will still be O.K. Although it makes me quite nervous.

The plan was to start with something small, under 1 carat. Then to upgrade when we had our wedding. To me, at the time, it didn't matter if I had something huge as it was special to me. I actually wanted a Sapphire or Ruby engagement ring. The husband insisted on a diamond.

Have you purchased jewellery with a warranty plan? Did you keep up with your warranty?


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