Thursday, July 29, 2010

Konad m2 + E.L.F. Bubble Gum Pink on my piggies

Konad m2 E.L.F. Bubble gum pink

I originally covered my big toes with stamps, and it just looked sloppy. So I re-did it today. I used the m2 plate by Konad. Let me say, it gave me a good way to review E.L.F.'s Bubble Gum Pink polish. HUGE thumbs down.
I really love the color but it seems to pool or coagulate. It's very streaky, and requires so many coats (4+) for even coverage. I painted my nails about 4 times today as each time I'd smudge in the drying process.

This color has been great on my daughters nails, but they're too tiny to see any imperfections. I'd avoid for adult sized nails though.

I do love the Konad though, and I think I did a lot better this time. On another upbeat note, I ordered 10 GCOCL plates off of Ebay today. They're coming from Hong Kong so it may take a week... or 10. These plates are also called "Fauxnad plates" as they are not made by Konad.

I'll start pulling out my other brands soon, I've just been using E.L.F. nail polish lately because I recently purchased a big haul.

More pictures of the piggies!

Konad m2 E.L.F. nail polish

Konad m2 E.L.F. Bubble gum pink


  1. I love your toes, my toes are a mess because i keep tripping over the sidewalk (my neighborhood has HORRIBLE sidewalks).

  2. sooo cute! I could have cried this morning I woke up to see that somehow in my sleep i'd taken half a toe nail off! I go away tomorrow! messed up pedi!

    great blog!

  3. very sweet.... the colour is super.


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