Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Christmas Nail Designs

Woo, Christmas is almost here. Which is actually why I didn't get to post my nails up yesterday. See, my brother from Florida made a surprise visit. So I spent some time with him.

Anywho, to help me get more lifted and into the spirit I went a little wild.

mac,mean & green,christmas,nail designs,nail art

mac,mean & green,christmas,nail designs,nail art

I used MAC Mean and Green as the base, then some sparkle/glitter from VivalaNails. It turned out OK I think. I tried to make trees on my index and ring finger, but they were a bit funky.
I do really like it though, and the green base with pink sparkles from the MAC nail polish works well for the season.

mac,mean & green,christmas,nail designs,nail art

Today we finished MOST of our shopping. We have a few last second gifts to get. "Tweens" are so hard to shop for. They want big gifts, but we can't afford them. So we're trying to be very particular in what we get for them. The rest of the nieces & nephews are young.

mac,mean & green,christmas,nail designs,nail art
Tree Up Close

Wish us luck, and enjoy the holidays! I'm going to go bake cookies with my daughter.


  1. They are funky! And you are surely not to find anyone else with this look. I didn't notice the Christmas tree until the close-up. Wow!


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