Wednesday, December 1, 2010

OPI Fireflies

Want one word to sum up Fireflies by O.P.I.
from the Holiday 2007 collection? NO.
What was OPI thinking? So the allure of the color is better than the actual polish on. Fireflies are so beautiful, mystical, fun. On nails it just doesn't work.

OPI Fireflies Holiday 2007 nail polish blog

I suppose if you want a sheer no matter how many coats(I did 3) that also looks like you stained your nails then go for it. Hehe. But otherwise, I could only see this color being useful for layering nail polishes.

I'm normally all for weird nail polish colors and I don't like to be negative about many things but like my OPI feet in peach, this is going in the "do not use again" box.

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What have been your nail polish no no's?


  1. I layered Fireflies over black, and it was a whole new look. You can see it here.

  2. Not a fan. Maybe if you could layer it?

  3. This for me is definitely a polish I layer over other colors. On it's own it's not great

  4. I got it as a layering polish and I love love love it.
    Try it over green.

  5. Try it over a green jelly or a dark green creme. It is stunning then

  6. Eurrrgh, that is disgusting on its own. I would definitely try it over Orly Enchanted Forest or a similar dark green, though.


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