Monday, December 6, 2010

O.P.I. nail polish To Eros is Human

Happy Monday!

I got a chance to play around with O.P.I To Eros is human. A discontinued duechrome color. This is a deep pink almost red shimmer color. Very pretty, without being overbearing red.

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The beauty of this color is it looks very warm in some light, but in others very cool. In fact, it's quite noticeable even indoors as you walk into different lighting situations. In my opinion, it's the perfect shade for a different color french tip.

nail polish blog, opi to eros is human

This color may be discontinued, however, it's still readily available through online marketplaces... at a slightly more expensive rate. If you really love this polish then it may be worth it for you.

OPI Swatch

Again, another beautiful Holiday color, without going to deep into "red" nail polish territory. I'm not a giant fan of reds, if you can't tell already.

O.P.I. Nail lacquer

Speaking of the Holidays... What are your plans?


  1. This is a very pretty pink!

    It looks completely different in the second picture!

  2. Pink is cute, while this deep pink is more sexy and attractive.I like it very much.I expect to have one and try a different nail design.


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