Tuesday, November 30, 2010

OPI Designer Series Exclusive

Happy Tuesday? I think so. I suppose I have to try and be excited. I'm especially excited about this particular color. It's just out of this world Amazing. It's OPI Designer Series Exclusive.

OPI : Exclusive from Designer series
While I loved the previous designer color I did, this one has a deeper pink to go with it. It makes the multicolored diamond sparkles POP like no tomorrow. They definitely look amazingly holographic.

All that glitters is not gold
I could see myself wearing this particular nail polish all the time. Although it's harder to do designs on it as it's already perfection on it's own. Any design would look silly as the whole nail would sparkle, excluding the design. The diamond chips give a rainbow effect, and these pictures are VERY true to life.

No matter which angle you look at your nails, or almost all lighting situations it will have this amazing effect. In this instance, I think the extra money per bottle for Designer Series is worth it. It's also very easy to remove unlike other "glitter" polishes, as the sparkles are not the sizes of glitter. Designer Series retails at my local beauty supply store for about $6+ USD which is at least $2 more than the other OPI polishes offered there.

A top coat is a necessity for this color, as the sparkle would just turn to silvery spots within 24-48 hours without a decent protecting coat.


  1. :) I don't have this one yet! Now I see I NEED it!

  2. im going to die if i dont get that nail polish


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