Tuesday, November 9, 2010

CHI Ceramic Nail Lacquer Out On The Town Brown

I got a chance to dig through my Aunts nail polish collection. Yay! She has colors and brands I usually don't purchase so this was a lot of fun. First is CHI Ceramic Nail Lacquer. Color is Out On The Town Brown.
CHI Ceramic Nail Polish Out On The Town Brown (Flash)

This color is gooooorgeous. With flash or warm lighting it comes off very orangey, but it's really not that orange. More of a medium brunette brown with sparkles of gold and orange. It applies nicely, but the brush is very skinny so sort of a pain to work with.

One coat provided good application, although two was needed to clear up any streaking. This would be a great polish to layer with.

Natural lighting, color more true
I hope I get a chance to use this color again soon for Konading as it has a lot of depth to it.


  1. OOh pretty. I thought it was two totally different colors >.< lol. I love how rich it looks.

  2. I am totally loving this color!


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