Monday, November 8, 2010

A French Manicure

It snowed this morning! Eek! I really dislike snow, and cold. It's actually just mild and windy now and most of the snow has melted.

Last week I was sporting a french pedicure on my nails for most of the week. I decided to also do a french manicure and test out my new nail art brushes.

A french Manicure

For the finger nails I used OPI alpine snow (2 coats) and then fixed the smile line with acetone & a craft brush. It may not have been the best idea because the Alpine snow does not remove well with acetone. It took me forever to get decent smile lines and even then they were a bit off.

I then applied 2 base coats which I let dry, then I used acrylic paint (like craft store paint) in white with my new nail art brushes and dotter to do the design.

French Manicure with OPI Alpine Snow and nail art

The beauty about using acrylic paint for the nail art is you can wash it off with warm water and soap and start again if you make a mistake. Once done I sealed with 2 coats of Rimmel London 10 day lasting finish. Which BTW is a great top coat. My nails didn't chip for many days.

French Pedicure

For the toes I used acrylic paint for the smile line too. It worked OK. I say ok because on the big toes with the paint becoming lumpy after requiring 2-3 coats of paint for good coverage. I did the nail art with acrylic paint also and again sealed with 1-2 coats of top coat. With acrylic paints its a good idea to cap the end of the nail (essentially, paint the free edge/tip). If water reaches the acrylic paint it will begin to wash away.


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