Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Creative Nail Design - In The Mauve

I'm so so so in love with this unexpected color. Creative Nail Design (or CND) polishes for whatever reason were never my first choice. In reality, the colors are pretty, and they paint well. Plus sometimes you get an unexpected color from an otherwise boring bottle.

Creative Nail Design - In The Mauve
This color in the bottle doesn't look like much special. A normal reddish purple with some sparkle. However, once I painted it on I was amazed. The Mauve color was perfection. Even better, the gold sparkles just jump out from the nail but work so well with the mauve. 

I really could see myself wearing this color a lot more often. Both creme mauves and really gold colors tend to make me look very pale, but the two mixed together work really well on my super pale-pink skin.

With one coat is was almost perfect, although slightly too sheer for my tastes. Most who don't mind a slight sheer wouldn't mind. Two coats were perfection for me and the polish dried quickly.

Without flash, picture deceptive as it isn't this washed out in real
You can find this particular color online for about $5-$6 USD. I see a lot of CND polishes at C.B. Sullivan, my local professional beauty supply store. 


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