Monday, November 1, 2010

O.P.I. Alpine Snow

I've been looking for a really great coverage white polish. So I picked up O.P.I. Alpine Snow. At the time I was hoping for a pure white creme and thats exactly what Alpine Snow is. In school growing up I always painted my nails with white out, hoping for this exact result (of course, white out looks horrid on nails). I worked with this color on a previous post with MAC Bad Fairy.
O.P.I.  Alpine Snow Swatch
The polish takes 2-3 thick coats for full coverage. It's exactly the color I want, however it has some serious flaws. Maybe it's just my bottle, but I'll outline them here. 

My bottle of nail polish has the almost consistency of melted marshmallows. Its THICK. Which is really hard to get non streaky or non lumpy nails. It also takes a very long time to dry even one "thin" coat of the goopy polish. Blah. However, painting it thin can cause lots of streaks or what looks like shadowed areas.

Also, I tried to do a few french manicures with it. It was a pain to clean up the smile lines with a craft brush and acetone . Acetone seems to have a harder time removing this particular color over the others I've used. I'm not really sure why. I'm wondering if I just got a funky bottle.

All in all, I love the color, but I can't see myself using it as much as I'd like (I love white nails and traditional french manicures with bright clean white tips) so I'm going to continue looking for that perfect pure white polish. Any tips?


  1. I love white nails. There is something I find sexy about them. I use China Glaze's White on White and it is also a great bright, clean white.

  2. If you mix some acetone into the polish and shake it up it should help the texture :)


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