Monday, November 15, 2010

OPI Swatches Divine from Designer Series

I got to raid my aunts nail polish collection (wee) and she has a lot of colors I wouldn't usually purchase. Mostly pinks, reds, and golds.

One that caught my eye almost immediately is O.P.I. Designer Series polishes. I decided to swatch Divine. I haven't purchased any of the designer series myself, because the price is double that of the other OPI polishes at my local beauty supply. Why OPI? What makes the designer series so special?

Swatches of OPI Divine (Designer Series)
According to OPI the series is "A spectacular diamond-dust formula. Ultra-rich, glimmering colors. And unmatched glamour for nails. In eleven shades, including nine brand-new choices, and top coat.Designer Series by OPI. Flawless by design."

Does it contain actual diamond dust? That would explain a premium cost. From my searches it seems that this is the case.

This color is an awesome deep pink, with holographic multi changing sparkles. It will look like a rainbow of sparkles on your fingers. This picture is pretty true to life.

OPI Divine
Not only does it sparkle like crazy, but it also is a pretty shiny polish even without topcoat. I highly suggest a good top coat as the nails will lose their luster pretty fast. The sparkles remove with ease with %100 acetone, so I was able to do a great french tip on my toes with this color.

Am I willing to pay more for a rainbow of sparkles? Yes, because the top price of OPI designer series in my local beauty supply is still less then most retail costs ($6.75 about).

Good luck finding this particular color. Designer series Divine is said online to be a Japan exclusive. I know for a fact my Aunt purchased this color in the USA at either CB Sullivan OR at her beauty school (Blaine!). I've seen it on E-bay and google shopping for $35-$50 a BOTTLE. Insane. Maybe I should talk her into selling it. hehe.

Do you like holographic nail polishes?


  1. :) I don't have this color, but I love the Designer Series! Really worth the price.

  2. Note to self: try to figure out how to shop at Lauren's beauty supply. (Mine has no DS at all.)

    I love holos; don't love that some in the DS line are not really holo at all.

  3. so beautiful!
    I ordered this once, but my package got lost :(

  4. I would sell my soul for this nail polish lol

  5. Really lovely pink! I like this very much.


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