Monday, November 22, 2010

Feet By OPI Warm Peach

So I purchased this bottle because it was on clearance. I should have taken that as a sign.
Feet By OPI polish is actually a nail strengthener with added color (although they also have clear) and straight from their website it says "Helps protect toenails and keeps them their strongest, guarding against breaks, chips and splits, even those caused by injury. This unique protective formula coats nails with liquid nylon, acting as a shield against stresses."

Feet By OPI Warm Peach
This stuff goes on streaky and weird. It takes several layers to look normal. Even then something is still "off" On my feet the warm peach color looks like I'm lacking any nails at all as it blends well with my feet skin color. Go figure.

As far as less damage, I can't really tell. It chips easily, but is thicker after all those coats of polish. I didn't notice anything special going on with my toenails or fingernails when wearing it.

I suppose if you have really brittle toenails or damaged nails it might be nice to hide damage with and maybe offer some protection. But, for me, this is on the "do not use" list. Sorry OPI!


  1. LOL! I was wondering about these polishes, thanks for sharing! Who wants "manequin feet"?:)

  2. That color looks divine; absolutely gorgeous. I don't think anything about it is "off".


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