Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Viva La Nails Part 1 review

Viva La Nails Sent me some items for review. These opinions are %100 mine.

I finally received my Viva La Nails pack. Which was a huge unexpected smorgasboard of items.
Glitter, Crushes Seashells, Water Decals, Stickers + more
I wanted to do a specific review on the company. I ordered my package on 8/11 and didn't receive it until 2 months later. However... The customer service was amazing. So I'll explain what happened.

My first order went through to them and was sent into the vast system of international mailing quite fast. However, I waited... And I forgot... In September(about 20 days later) I realized nothing had come in the mail. So I contacted Viva La Nails customer service to let them know I never received the package. They said no problem. 

I waited again and nothing. I felt like giving up. I went back to check my customer service inquiry and they had asked me to confirm my address again (which I totally didn't see) so this time around it was "my bad". I confirmed the address and within 7 days my package was here. YAY! So I can only assume that without issues thanks to USPS or international posts that I would've received my first package fast and on time.

The customer service was fast, friendly, and understanding. I also wasn't expecting so much stuff!

Viva La Nails carries tons of professional and home nail art supplies including genuine Swarovski crystals, Water Decals, Nail Stickers, Konad items, rhinestones, crushed seashells, striping tape, fimo canes, and more. Pretty much any nail art item you might need all on one place. Then they also have buffers, files, and other tools.

Prices range from about USD $1.21 in their sale section and up. The company is from the UK so prices are in British Pounds (GPB). Shipping is about USD $4.75 but free for orders over $80 to the US.


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