Monday, November 29, 2010

O.P.I. Grand Central Carnation

I really hope everyone(in the states) had a wonderful holiday weekend. I ate way too much.
This post is happening later in the day than normal. I apologize. It's been a hectic and news-worthy Monday. I'd share, but it's a bit too personal.

OPI Grand Central Carnation : A sophisticated pink polish

Anyways, onto the swatches! I had some fun over the week with a ton of colors. One of which is Grand Central Carnation. This is a sophisticated pink shimmer color. More like a rose. Definitely a good color for almost everything. It's neither too pink nor too red. For whatever reason (maybe discontinued) it's like $20+ on amazon, however it's still available on other websites for a reasonable price.

No flash, warm indoor lighting.
In most light it looks a dusty rose, with a small bit of shimmer. It's just positively lovely and girly. The above picture shows it's true colors a lot better, as with the flash on it looks almost hot pink. However in sunlight it does achieve more luster.

All in all, it's a color I'd use again, even though it's not my main forte on the radar of nail polishes. It does look a LOT better on my nails then it does in the bottle. So I'm glad I got to try it out first because just based on looking at this hue in the OPI bottle I would've passed.

What do you think? Too pink? Too bland? Too over the top?


  1. I loveeee this color! I need to find this!


  2. I love the color! It's so flirty :) I featured this swatch on my blg and I wanted to come by and give you a heads up!

  3. It's mostly for collectors who want to complete the collection this came from. Also if you find it - it would be the old formula - black label which again is big with collectors. I agree it's a blaugh color. While I have a lot of black label OPI's that I bought from the inception of the company until they could no longer make/sell that formula, if I buy one now, I really have to like the color. There were a whole lot of funky colors back when and some ick formulas in the days of frost and pearl. I used to look hard for the S on the flyer descriptions OPI put out that indicated 'they considered it' a shimmer. Back then a shimmer is nothing what we think of when shimmer is mentioned with micro glitter or glass fleck. It just meant they had a way to make it glimmery sort of without frost or pearl! Some I bought that were 'S' you really had to look hard to tell the S in it vs it being a cream!


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