Monday, August 30, 2010

Art Deco nails with Konad stamping

I did a lot of polish swatches and stamp designs Friday & Saturday. So originally I had planned on posting my art deco nails and speaking about the free pants I got from Eileen Fischer, as I imagine it would be a topic you gals would much prefer. I'll have to place that topic on the back-burner.
Something happened over the weekend. My grandmother's(in-law) cousin passed away. To most Americans this might seem like a distanced relative, but my in-laws are Laotian Buddhists. Cousins can be as close as brothers, and the community (through temple, friends, word of mouth) pulls together strongly for joyous and sorrowful events.
This is really different from my catholic upbringing. Last night we all got together to party to release the spirit. It wasn't extremely joyful, but it also was not at all what I'd consider mourning. It was quite nice and I definitely would prefer "checking out" like this. Services will continue for anywhere from 1-3 weeks and it is unknown(yet) exactly which days I won't be around. I'll try to post when I can, but family comes first.

I had done my nails a few times over the weekend before the bad news arrived. My first design was like an art-deco type. I'm not sure really what else to call it.

I used E.L.F. punk purple for the base, although I meant to use Mod Mauve and grabbed the wrong bottle! *00PS* For the stamped pink nails I used an old unlabelled bottle of Pure ICE that is a hot pink color and filled the squares with a nail art felt tip pen. The black stamps were done with Konad special polish in black. Image plate used was Konad brand m61.
I tried really hard to remove the black polish from my cuticles but it would not budge.

E.L.F. nail polish and Pure Ice Nail polish with Konad stamps plate m61

I wasn't crazy about the design and so it didn't last long. It seemed very "80's" to me though. If I kept it on I might have put on a side ponytail and tied my T-shirt into a knot!

Konad stamping art deco

In the meantime between posts, don't forget our giveaway for a Konad kit.

Would you sport a purple and hot pink "art deco" manicure? Do you think it looks very 80's?
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