Monday, August 16, 2010

E.L.F. Studio Cream Eyeliner midnight madness

EyesLipsFace co recently came out with new shimmer eyeliner. I'm a bit bummed because it came out after my last haul. More excuses to shop from them again.

Next up for review is E.L.F. cream eyeliner in midnight. This liner is part of their studio line of cosmetics. I really love this stuff.

cream eyeliner in midnight

The great thing about it is it really is waterproof. I did a swatch my hand and ran water over it and it didn't budge at all. I've fallen in love! It smudges well with a smudge brush but otherwise stays put. You'll still want to keep your hands away from your eyes though. The only downside, if you see it as such, is you'll need an eyeliner or angled brush to apply it. If you're beauty and makeup crazy like me you'll already have a good assortment of brushes to work with. If not, Eyeslipsface brushes are best and inexpensive. Skip on the basic line of brushes though.

The midnight blue is a great color. It can be applied light, or packed on for a darker look. Even better it brushes on lashes extremely well so the blonde base gets good coverage. I even brush it on my lower lashes to get a lot of pop!

Shimmer eyes with E.L.F. studio cream eyeliner

To get this look I used E.L.F. Shimmer facial whip for an eyeshadow base. It works great for everything. I especially like it as an eye shadow base or like a lip gloss. I then used Bare Minerals Glee for the contour of my eye. Then I brushed on Premium Minerals Candy and Bare Minerals Soft Focus Romance on the lid. For the brow line and corners of my eyes I used E.L.F. mineral eyeshadow Angelic. I like shimmery eyes. The facial whip doesn't crease like some eyeshadow primers and it sticks all day. Plus, I use colors that closely match with whatever eyeshadow I'm using.

E.L.F. cream eyeliner with Bare Minerals, E.L.F. minerals and Premium Minerals eyeshadow

If you haven't already, you should try studio cream eyeliner.
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