Sunday, August 8, 2010

E.L.F. Eyeliner Mega Mashup

I love eye liner. Really, I can't get enough. So of course, I had to purchase a bunch from E.L.F.
Here's a wrap-up that will touch base closer with each kind of the next week.

E.L.F. Make eye liner set

From left to right: E.L.F. liquid eye liner in Black and Plum, E.L.F. eyeliner in Black and plum, E.L.F. cream eyeliner(studio line) in midnight, E.L.F. liquid waterproof eyeliner pen in Black, Plum, and Midnight.

As you can see I really like Black, Purple and blue colors. Each of these have their pro's and con's from set to set. The color, intensity and the lasting power is definitely different for each group. Some smudge easier then others. I will cover this in more detail later on in the week.

Right now I will say, I definitely prefer the liquid waterproof eyeliner pens and the E.L.F. Studio Cream eyeliner. Depending on what look I'm going for.

These eyeliner swatches show the difference in color between the different types. These are left to right the same as the image above.

E.L.F. Swatches eyeliner

Have you tried E.L.F. (eyeslipsface co.) yet? What do you like/dislike?


  1. I love eyeliner too but i have so much trouble applying it! i like your blog.

    Maybe you can follow me too,

  2. Im a follower of your blog also :)
    Eyeliner is tricky, and takes practice. My best advice it using a slanted brush or a smudge brush to soften it to make it look more blended. I also apply the applicator at a 45 degree angle and not straight down like a pen. The hardest product to use for eyeliner is definitely the eyeliner pens IMO.

  3. Girl, Thanks for all of this! It has helped tremendously!
    U rock!

  4. I like the waterproof pencils over the stiff look of the liquid liners...I like the eyes to look very soft and appealing...dark and smokey eyes are my favorite.

  5. Thank you for sharing. You may like this one:


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