Tuesday, August 31, 2010

MAC Fall 2010 Earthly Harmony review and Swatch

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MAC Earthly Harmony bottle

It's 9am here and its hot, HOT, HOT! Certainly not time for fall? Well, maybe on my nails.
I purchased M.A.C. Earthly Harmony Saturday when taking my niece shopping. This is a part of their new Fall 2010 release of polishes, and I was surprised Macy's had it because usually each counter just has the basics when it comes to nail polishes.

Im glad I swatched it when I did. Yesterday, my hubby being the logical and intelligent person he is, decided to take a shower while my daughter played alone in the bedroom. She's 3 now, so she must be OK alone around electronics, fish tanks and who knows what else! (end sarcasm). He's usually VERY protective but I guess in our own home he has a false sense of safety? Maybe it's a man thing.

Well somehow she found the very well hidden Earthly Harmony polish, and decided to paint her body. I checked on the two of them only to find him in the bathroom and her painted a beautiful earthly harmony from the torso down! She managed to not get a drop on the floor!

After the long clean-up, I checked the bottle to find maybe 1-2 applications remaining in it. I like the color a lot and may replace it.

M.A.C. Fall 2010 collection Earthly Harmony nail polish swatch

The polish in the bottle has beautiful orangey-pink sparkles. However, on the nail they just make the taupe-grey polish look bumpy. I didn't really see ANY sparkle except in VERY direct sunlight. When it does sparkle, or the color of the sparkles show through it is GORGEOUS. I really am overall in love with the color regardless of the lack of shimmer.

What fall colors are you buying this year?
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