Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Need opinions from other nail bloggers

I'm in need of help. So I'm reaching out to other nail bloggers.
I want to stop cutting my cuticles. You see, in my state this is allowed so in school we were taught that it was "important" to cut cuticles. However, we were also informed it is a breeding ground for yuckies(bacteria, fungi, etc.). So I'm looking for a REALLY good cuticle remover, like a cream or a gel so I can stop cutting mine.

Another item I'm looking for is a item or items to strengthen or harden my nails. I really do not like gel or acrylics so I'd rather not do that. My nails do grow pretty long but then bend and break usually within the nail bed (ouch). Not sure if I should stick to something with fibers or without. What are some good products out there? I've heard of Dermelect (thank twitter girls!) but was wondering if there is something better out there? And if I should go with a strengthener or hardener?
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