Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Purse Designer Love

Besides makeup, and nail polish I cant stop my habit for handbags. What's worse is I live a short drive from both Newbury St., a high end mall, and an outlet. AGH! It's filled with purse designers.
My poor fiancé feels compelled to purchase me a designer purse for any given occasion. I have several I've never even used, and I've owned them over a year. I certainly cannot step away from Coach purse brand.

I'll go to the mall and browse the latest and greatest of Louis, Gucci, and Burberry. Now that I have a little girl I cannot splurge like I used to. It's fun to dream? I love the simplicity of Fendi, the way Burberry bag can make me feel so sophisticated, and how sporting a simple Prada bag can work with almost any outfit. In fact, I even carried a Prada tote as a diaper bag after my daughter was born!

If I could now, I'd probably buy a gorgeous signature Gucci bag. Something that has a classic style, with maybe a small modern twist and could be used for many years on and off for many situations.

Gucci 'Joy' Medium Boston Bag with Double Handles

Sunglasses, that is a whole other ballgame. I could write a whole blog post about them too.

Which purse designer do you love? Which purse brand do you hate?


  1. I don't really have a thing for designer bags, I like the cute and unique ones that probably couldn't be further from designer, or antique or retro clutches, love those.

  2. I used to totally splurge on the unique ones. The downside being is they aren't "classic" and next year my family would be asking why I was carrying around the old bag. I also find they're harder to match with my outfits.

    Certain limited editions I couldn't live without. Like my coach fish bag (signature coach with suede fish and intricate beading).

  3. I love that Gucci Bag!! I currently do not own one, but will someday =D I seem to lean towards Coach all the time, but i do stray from time to time lol!

  4. Haha I'm not one for designer bags but I splurge on too much makeup and nail polish and thai tea.

    Oh man do I love thai tea

  5. I love designer bags but I don't own many! I would love a Chanel quilted flap bag but the price is just too ridiculous =( my compromise is my Chanel Cambon wallet which I treated myself to as a graduation present!

  6. MMM Thai tea! I love it. We make it here at home all the time.

    I would love a Chanel bag too.

  7. I love Gucci and also Promod bags...but they are expensive and you could not buy them all the time.But it is essential to carry a very suitable bag that completes the look of the day.

  8. Thank you for sharing. You may like this one:


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