Thursday, October 28, 2010

E.L.F. Dark Navy Nail Polish

Sometimes I place something aside for awhile and forget how much I love it. I've been all over M.A.C. and O.P.I. lately I've been neglecting my E.L.F. polishes. So I took out Dark Navy the other day and began swatching. I didn't have time to clean up around my cuticles, please excuse the sloppy job.

E.L.F. Dark Navy Nail Polish ($1)
Dark Navy is an incredibly deep blue, almost black. The blue is barely visible unless under sun/bright lighting. It would be great for many applications where you wouldn't want to use a black but still need something dark.

Eyeslipsface Dark Navy - No Flash - Indoors

What I love most about this nail lacquer, besides the color, is that it goes on smoooth. It's not a thick polish, but this particular color went on with full coverage with only one coat! Yay! It also dries much faster than most of my other brands of polish. At $1 a bottle how can one go wrong?

Eyes Lips Face
The only downside I've found to E.L.F. polishes is some colors can dye nails to match your painted color. Always use a base coat to prevent that from happening. I didn't have much trouble removing the offending dye however. Dark Navy has a slight dyeing effect, so your nails could turn blue-grey(the worst offender I've found so far is Punk Purple, however).

If you're just interested in a few polish from E.L.F. it's usually a sound idea to wait for a %50-%75 site wide sale(shipping kills it), but they happen once maybe twice a year from what I've seen. There's always great coupon codes flying around online. This month SHIP25 is free shipping over $25 or EYES50 for %50 off eye makeup (through 10/31). Their absolute best eye makeup is the mineral eyeshadow (in my opinion), I'd avoid the $1 eyeshadows, I didn't like them too much.

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  1. Oohh! I just orded some E.L.F. polishes on the last 50% off sale! I think this was one of them, can't wait to try it.


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