Friday, September 10, 2010

ELF nail polish in Mango Madness swatch with tips

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I wanted to do a Bobbi Brown lip swatch this week, however I started treatment from my dermatologist in the form of Retin-A cream. For those of you who don't know what that is, it's basically vitamin A cream, which causes your skin to shed faster. The first few weeks can cause extreme flakiness, redness, and burning OWIE pain until you get used to it. Well, I'm in the thick of it. Sounds horrible, but the end result is already starting to show, so it is amazing.
Not only is my breakout starting to clear up but so are my other skin imperfections. Hopefully only one more week of flaking!

Anyways, the point of the above is I decided I didn't want to show you all my flakey face, so I did a polish swatch. I'm a summer baby, and yesterday was chilly. It finally is starting to feel like fall here in New England. I'm sure, with our crazy weather we'll have one more heat wave. I wanted to do a summer crazy color as a pick-me-up.

E.L.F. Mango Madness nail polish swatch

I used E.L.F. Mango Madness, which is a very orangey-pink color. The bottle is actually mislabled as "Pink Passion" but I contacted Eyes Lips Face Co. and they assured me there was a packing error and the color is truly mango madness.

This polish made me feel like I was basking in the summer sun. Ahhh! It was so nice.
For the tips of the nails I made X's with art polishes in hot pink and hot orange.

Nail art with ELF Mango Madness Polish

Is it starting to feel like fall where you are?
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