Thursday, September 23, 2010

TooFaced LashGASM Mascara review

I was born with long blonde eyelashes. I guess I lucked out they're long, but otherwise they're thin and well... blonde. Sigh. I dreamed of black, luscious, THICK lashes my whole life.

I never liked the feeling of mascara, but I do wear it from time to time. If you saw me walking around Boston, this is how you'd most likely see me.


So I decided to try out a few different mascaras starting with Too Faced LashGASM mascara ($21). It claims to be like the godsend of mascaras with volume.

I found it worked better than most mascaras I've tried in the past, but I'm not crazy about the volume. I mean, my lashes look LONG. I didn't even use a curler, but I actually felt they looked more sparse.

Too Faced Lash gasm mascara swatch

However, can we have both length and volume with mascara alone? I was told by a Sephora associate once "We're ALL looking for THAT perfect mascara, it doesn't exist. You get one OR the other"(meaning volume or length).

Lengthening mascara
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