Monday, September 13, 2010

Konad image plate m60 on M.A.C. Earthly Harmony

I've been wearing the last of my M.A.C. Earthly Harmony polish. I did a swatch and full review in August. It makes me sad that most of the bottle is gone after the toddler disaster. It's a lot of fun to Konad stamp on though!

MAC nail polish fall 2010 color Earthly Harmony with Konad stamp

The bottom of the bottle gets very very grainy though, which is disappointing. It really needs a top coat to look smooth and even then.

I used Konad special polish in black to stamp. On the ring finger I used the plain pattern that is also found on image plate m60, which as you can see is "off". I've tried this stamp several times and never once have gotten it right. I decided to wing it for the pictures because I liked the way the rest of the nails turned out and I ran out of time.

Konad stamping m60 on MAC Earthly Harmony polish

I really like this flowery stamp, it looks much better on the nails then on the plate. I played with placement so not every nail looks the same. This pattern stamps amazingly well.

Polish swatch with Konad m60

If you haven't tried Konad yet, you should enter the contest we have going on(there is a link at the top of the page). The last entries will be taken tonight and the winner will be announced Wednesday. The coupon for $5 off $75 is still valid for the time being.
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