Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Incoco dry nail applique is out of this world!

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Incoco Dry Nail Appliqué

Incoco contacted me through Twitter and asked if I'd be willing to review their product on my blog. Of course I would! I love nail products.

Basically, to simply the whole thing is it's real nail polish (DBP, Formaldehyde and Toluene free), in a dry sticker form. Base coat, top coat and color included in ONE sticker-like application. It's dry, so no smudges. Once you stick it on you can go grab your laundry or rush out the door. There are detailed instructions included along with a color chart. The glitter set included a few samples of items including 2 sheer appliqués and some wide silver sticker I think is a part of their upcoming chrome series? (EDIT: Incoco contacted me about the sticker, it is to reseal any leftover appliques so they wont dry out)

Incoco nail polish instructions and supplies

Incoco's own slogan is "The New Revolution in Nail Polish" and quite frankly, I have to agree. I mean, I'm a mommy. I love painting my nails, but it can get messy for me. Sometimes life gets in the way and I smudge my perfect polish job. In the past I avoided Avon's dry nail polish appliqués after reading poor reviews. I probably would've avoided Incoco's too if it weren't for trying it myself.

The ONLY downside I saw after cruising the directions was sizing the nail appliqué properly.

A major plus side, if placed improperly you can carefully pick it back up and place on properly. Since it stayed relatively sticky and my nails are currently very short I was able to use both sides of the sticker. So I was able to double the amount of manicures I could do with a package. I'm not cheap, just thrifty... Ok, Maybe that is being excessively cheap!

Incoco dry nail polish applicationIncoco dry nail application

It was easy to apply, instead of using their suggested nail file to remove the tip of the sticker I cut it with a cuticle cutter, then used the file. It made it much easier. I had no wrinkles, or bubbles. It was extremely easy to smooth out.

I tried 24 Karats glitter and its gorgeous. I usually hate glitter polish, but its so beautiful. Much more glittery then it looks in the pictures and I'm getting tons of comments. It also doesn't feel scratchy, nor is it catching lint like a real glitter polish would.

Incoco glitter 24 Karats

Dry nail decal polish in 24 karats by Incoco

As far as the claim that it can last up to 14 days? I believe it. I chip polish within 3-5 hours of normal application. The longest I've gone is 24 hours of light wear and tear. I'm never easy on my polish, and I use my nails as tools.

I applied the dry appliques Sunday (48+ hours ago). After applying I changed the water in my salt water fish tank, did several loads of laundry, several sinks of dishes, obviously showered a few times and gave a few baths to my daughter. Not one chip. On one thumb a small smidgen of glitter is missing from the tip, but its not noticeable at all. With light duty, it could certainly last a very long time.

Personally, I feel it is a decent deal at $7.99 if you have short nails and can stretch a package for 2 applications. I'm not sure I'd personally pay that much for one use. Except for when I wanted perfectly polished nails all day or for a number of days, like in example, a wedding or short vacation. I like to change polishes quite often, so it wouldn't be economical for me to purchase 5-7 packs a week, obviously.

Incoco dry nail appliqués can be found in a variety of colors on their online shop, at Walgreens, or at an Incoco Nail bar. 24 Karats retails for $7.99.

[I was not compensated for this review, I however received the item outlined above for free to try it out. The above review is HONEST and in my words.]
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