Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Konad kit winner by Design Ur Nails

Winner Winner... Ok the line is getting old! I feel compelled to watch 21 now. For all you wondering who won the customizable Konad stamping kit then you're in the right place

Our giveaway had a total of 73 valid entrants and a total of 234 entries. Wow! Thank you all for entering, and for checking out DesignUrNails. I hope you used the coupon code while you could! (it should be expired now, so if you missed out, sorry!)

I was going to post a picture of the actual entries spreadsheet, but the image was way to wide and resizing it properly made it unreadable.
Design ur nails winner random number

That number pointed to Grace Wong, writer of a very cute new fashion blog named Candy World. Most of her posts are giveaway link ups, but her most recent post about NYC was adorable. I really hope she keeps at blogging!

I'll be contacting you tonight Grace, and forwarding your email to DesignUrNails also so you can get in contact with them about your Konad kit. Congrats!
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