Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Incoco Lemon Fizz with Konad nail art design

I wanted to use more of the Incoco dry nail appliqué this week. When I asked for my colors I requested "Lemon Fizz". I knew it was a neon, but for some reason I didn't expect to be able to direct traffic with my nails!

Incoco dry nail applique

Incoco Lemon Fizz Swatch

My guy made a comment that my nails looked Jamaican when he came home from work! Hehe.

I did an earlier review on their glitter dry nail polish, and stated how easy it was. The non glitter varieties are much harder to work with as they have no substance. I had a harder time working with them, but it still came out really lovely. It took a bit longer to smooth out wrinkles, and they tear easier then their glitter-cousins. Otherwise, I still really enjoyed it.

Incoco tear

Since they were all crazy anyways, I decided to stamp it up with one of the images on Konad image plate m70. I picked an image I probably otherwise would not use and the dark blue special polish. It turned out a bit green looking, but that was fine by me. No comments yet except from the fiance, but I've gotten quite a bit of staring at my hands. I can't tell if their faces were like "WOW" or "GAG"? Who cares what they think? I sure don't.

Konad stamping art

Konad nail art m70

Now I'm going to apply for a job as a cross walk attendant, or maybe as a police officer. Do you think this color is a bit too crazy for everyday life?
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