Monday, September 27, 2010

Konad Pure Ice blue with clouds

So I've been liking fluffy cloud nail designs. I think Katy Perry did them? I'm not sure, I can't recall where I saw them before. Can anyone help?

Anyways, I decided to do it a bit different, instead of light blue with white clouds, I wanted dark blue with light blue clouds. I'm usually not a fan of dark blue polish, however its on a lot of the Fall 2010 trend lists for colors this year. So I'll have to pickup some new bottles,

Unfortunately, for whatever reason I purchased the wrong plate (Konad M60) which is a more cow hide then fluffy clouds. However, if someone is not looking like super close I doubt they'll tell the difference.

Pure Ice Nail lacquer

The Pure ice color is an old... old... bottle. Akin to(newer) Pure Ice Celestial. The old sticker/label was long gone so I can't give an exact color. I can just say there are many shiny blues out there available that are quite like it.

Nail Design with Konad image plate m60
The stamping was done with Konad Sky Blue special polish. My little girl yaya is absolutely in love with my nails today and she wants me to duplicate the look on her. Her nails are too small though so I'll have to get crafty!

Blue nail art

All in all, its a great way to wear blue nail polish in my opinion.
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