Monday, September 20, 2010

Resurf.A.Stic review for ingrown hairs and calluses

Recently I was adding some cosmetic companies to my facebook likes. I was hoping to be informed sooner about product releases. In one such case, Blinc cosmetics talked about their new line called Resurf.a.Stic. I added them on facebook and entered one of their comment giveaways. Since not a lot of people have friended them yet, I won! I was excited, I almost never win anything.

They sent me two products: one for ingrown hairs, and one for calluses.  I got to try them out last week and wanted to share my results. Both are shaped like old school deodorants, and are like a hydrating gel stick with medical grade microdermabrasion crystals. Depending on the stick you're using you wet the stick, or skin and rub the stick lightly in a circular motion.

Resurf.A.Stic ingrown is really nice. The directions state to use prior to shaving. The crystals are medium sized (in my opinion) and smooth. It smells pretty nice.
 My problem with most scrubs/dermabrasion like products for ingrown hairs is they're too harsh and cause serious sensitivity. I was willing to give it a try though as I have a couple embarrassing non-inflamed ingrown hairs on my lower legs. It worked quite well, although it didn't release all the ingrowns on the first attempt.
However, I had no sensitivity and it didn't hurt. I would definitely recommend this product for any ladies with sensitive skin.

Resurf.A.Stic Callus ($30)

 Resurf.a.Stic Callus is OK. It smells pretty minty and has much larger crystals. I'm not extremely callused and it did smooth out my palms and backs of my foot decently well. Maybe its just cause it's a new stick, but it didn't seem to have many crystals. If I saw better results I might use this in conjunction with my Mr.Pumice, but I didn't see a huge improvement. I'll keep trying it and if I see a major difference in the upcoming weeks I'll post again.

I really wish I had won the face version, but so far my L'oreal go clean 360 is working decently well on my Retin-A flakiness without being too harsh. Although my daughter did call me alligator face the other day - OUCH.

What do you use to smooth your body?

[This was not a sponsored post, Resurf.a.Stic and Blinc did not send me these items to review. I happened to win them on a facebook give away and wanted to share]
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