Monday, October 25, 2010

Easy Nail Patterns for Halloween

I love Halloween, and it's a good time of year to use colors or nail designs you would otherwise avoid. I wanted to do something that looked good from afar and not over the top. It started off a perfect project, but I think I took it too far. I guess I was really bored. This is really easy to do, since you stamp the nail on on and none of it was freehand.

Simple Halloween nail design
Konad M70
For the above pattern I used O.P.I. You Don't Know Jacques! for the base then did some Konad stamping art with image plate M70 and O.P.I. Take the Stage. This could easily be replicated with a very skinny nail art brush too, but I used stamps since I have trouble using brushes with my left hand. I need to practice my freehand art more for sure.

Embellished even more with Spiderwebs and Moon
For the moon pattern I used GCOCL plate M10 and Konad special white polish. The moon was way too white for my tastes, so I used a nail art brush and went over it with E.L.F. Moonlight nail polish. The GCOCL and other knock off Konad plates are NOT as nice as Konad by far, and you can see that it didn't transfer well. Even toned down it was too much.

The Spiderwebs were done with GCOCL plate m93, which stamped far better than the moon. I used Konad special polish in black. Overall if I sport this again I think I'll just stick with the orange and maybe the spiderwebs. The moon took it too far over the top for nail designs, in my opinion. Then again, Halloween is about being over the top.

What are you sporting on your nails for the Halloween season?
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