Wednesday, October 6, 2010

M.A.C. Venomous Villains Mean & Green

Today is horribly crummy out, rainy and cold. Luckily, I had prepared my photos for todays swatch post today. I had promised to show you all MAC Venomous Villains nail polish in Mean and Green.

MAC Venomous Villain Swatch Mean & Green

I really can't stop staring. I really thought this would be my least preferred off the three in the Venomous Villains collection. I really enjoyed Bad Fairy, and while it's beautiful it seems to lack some depth that both Formidable! and Mean & Green contain. I suppose because Bad Fairy is pink on pink while the other two are two clashing colors.

MAC Nail Lacquer Mean and Green
Mean & Green under warm light

As you can see, like the other two in my earlier posts, Mean & green also takes on a different look in different lighting. It's a deep forest green with pink sparkles. It reminds me of the beautiful colors of gasoline floating on water. Beautiful and dangerous.

MAC Nail polish review Mean and Green Venomous Villains Collection
Mean & Green under 14k light

It definitely doesn't come off as dark as Formidable, nor as light and airy as Bad Fairy. It also took 3 coats for full coverage of the lacquer. As I was staring at my nails I really wished the beautiful shimmer Mean & Green has would show up in my other MAC nail lacquer - Earthly Harmony. The similar pink sparkles barely show through.

Venomous Villains collection by MAC Mean and green

The collection sold fast, and I'm sure while you can probably find a few bottles scattered between M.A.C. Stores and Macy's it'll be a hard time finding some. On a good note ORLY Space Cadet is an almost exact match.

MAC mean & green vs ORLY Space Cadet

I'd actually suggest tracking down ORLY Space Cadet first only because it's cheaper and because M.A.C. seems to be having brush issues.
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